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Jul. 7th, 2009

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Okay so....I've been away.

Okay, sorry about the sudden vanishing everyone. I hope you all weren't worried or anything, my grandmother became very ill and we've been driving out of town and back nearly every other day to take care of her and support her as she went through surgery.

For those of you who don't mind Over shares, she had cancer but they removed it and she's just fine now...still stubborn as a goat too. *Winks*

I saw the food posting, not sure what the hell was up with that or the person who posted it....(Maybe they think that see food makes it harder for us to not eat or something...umm sure?) anyways, sorry to anyone who that annoyed.

Motivation: Passion.

Feb. 8th, 2009


Lolita meet up

I jwas wondering how do you during lolita meet up to avoid food without look suspicious ?
As for me...Collapse )

Feb. 2nd, 2009



Hey all... I'm not sure if you guys know me, I've been watching for a while now and decided to contribute... It's my husband's birthday today. I made him breakfast in bed and told him I would eat once he had left for work-I didn't. I hate lying to him! But I need ana too, it's hard to find a balance. He has threatened to leave me if I don't start eating properly :(
Hope Monday is going better somewhere in the world..???

Jan. 29th, 2009

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I found this in a letter someone sent me years ago that I never read until today..

It's so sad but very pretty and true.

Funny how we think that being thin is the key to happiness, so we throw away our happiness in a desperate attempt to find the key.

Funny how we think that once we are thin we won't have a care in the world, when in reality, it brings to us more cares than the world has room for.

Funny how we think we can control the food when in every case, the food begins to control us.

Funny how we think we will have a satisfying life when we are thin, and don't realize we are losing our lives in search of that satisfaction.

Funny how we think we will be perfect when we reach our ideal weight, only to find no weigh is ideal and perfection is an impossible goal.

Funny how we think that models are beautiful and praise-worthy and happy, and we ignore our happiness and beauty and praiseworthiness in search of theirs.

Funny how we think it's okay for others to eat but we are undeserving of it.

Funny how we think that not eating won't harm us, yet we see thousands of people die each year from starvation.

Funny how we think we will become well-liked when we are thin, but we ignore our best friends and those who like us more than friends already.

Funny how we think we will feel wonderful when we lose just five more pounds, and think the thirty we've lost already mean nothing and don't matter.

Funny how we think that mirrors, scales, sizes and TV speak the truth, but believe that others are lying when they say we are too thin.

Funny how we think that fat will kill us and we don't see that we may as well come face to face with starving lions, as that would have the same consequence as lack of food.

Funny how we think that people without body fat have the great life, but don't realize how great our lives are until it's too late and we're miserable.

Funny how we think we will love ourselves when we are thin, but when we get thin, there is none of us left to love.

Funny how we think God made a mistake in creating us, and we forget that God doesn't make mistakes; He makes miracles. We are his miracles.

Jan. 25th, 2009

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Oh check this out! Good going you guys.

http://i44.tinypic.com/mkirfo.jpg  Saw this on Lolita secrets!

Jan. 19th, 2009

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Ipecac is dangerous....but I still use it...Oh my god that stuff is so foul though...ugh...I mean if I smell anything even like it it makes me gag, it's such a chore to take...and it's expensive after awhile...it's like 1.32 a bottle but one bottle is a little over one does.

I used to think it was like a save all but this one time I used it and I made myself throw up again afterwards and there was still water and sauce in my stomach...it made me so pissy...

I'm saying this because I am so tired of throwing up now....it's hard, and I think my throat is  swollen, I've been choking lately when I am ...how gross is that, choking on vomit...
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Jan. 18th, 2009

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Bolero Patterns

Hey ladies, and gentlemen,

I was asked by a friend of mine if I'd ever seen a bolero pattern because she was having some trouble finding some, so I did a bit of research for her...I was thinking I might as well share my finds with all of you too, in case anyone else was having trouble. The first four links are to direct patterns , the three after are pattern names and numbers then the last link is how to draw in the sides and change the fit. Anyways, hope this helps someone.





New Look 6507

Burda Pattern 2573   (Discontinued but might find on EBAY) *Includes Plus Sizes*

Burda Young fashion 8046

http://www.dressmaking.co.nz/images/Newsle3.gif   (How to change the type of fit)

http://eastmanpublishing.com/images2/sacques2.jpg   (And a little picture for you creative ones, it's small but has the different looks you can create.

(I am going to cross post this on EGl too heh)
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Jan. 13th, 2009

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State sales tax on purchases made online are being considered.

(Once again, I cross posted this on EGL but this is my Community and I want to make sure you all hear it)

I have been seeing on the news and reading various articles in the papers and online that  the USA government is seriously considering implementing state taxes for online purchases. They way they are explaining it you will be required to pay sales taxes of your state even when purchasing from another state or abroad.   Were you usually pay for the state you're buying from I believe now it's that if you purchase something from a place you have to pay "your" states tax.  I thought it'd be a good thing to know for all of you out there making online purchases. These will be state taxes and will only be required from those purchasing from stores, BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, etc; if implemented it will also be put on those running small businesses like Candy Violet.  However those purchasing used items on ELG _Sales will not have to be files because it's not exactly a store.   They are not being clear as to wether or not you will have to file in those taxes at the end of the year with your usual or if they will be put on the sites but as I said the plans are not completed yet.

Because the plans are not fully decided upon, it is unclear exactly how it will work, however I thought it was a good thing to tell you ladies and gentlemen that way you'd at least be aware and able to read up on it yourself.

As of June 1st (For those of you buying Gothic Lolita bibles and other books or items on there) Amazon will begin charging state taxes to those purchasing within New York, charging you the amount of tax that you would have to pay if you were purchasing the items from within your state.

Sorry to post this up before the plans have even been decided upon however it's always good to know what's going to happen or what's about to happen. It leaves people time to prepare and such.

Sources and other info on it,







Jan. 10th, 2009


(no subject)

Hi girls
I just joined,
I'm Sophia, and I'm fifteen <3
How are you all doing?


Jan. 8th, 2009


Letter writing?

Penpals?Collapse )

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