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michikow in anas_lolis

Lolita meet up

I jwas wondering how do you during lolita meet up to avoid food without look suspicious ?
As for me I don't have this problem since where I live it seems I'm the only one who attempt loli and love it.


Hm, I usually complain about not liking the food or I just...try things, say I don't like them. I also stall on eating until others are distracted. Last time, I was eating my scone in little tiny pieces and just waited until everyone got up to play musical chairs.
I'm vegan. That helps.
Otherwise I just say I'm not feeling well or eat really slowly and drink a lot.


Ditto on the vegan comment. Most typical loli sweets have eggs and milk, so if it's personal reasons, people are usually ok. Pe prepared to talk about veganisim, though!
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