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sherryval in anas_lolis

State sales tax on purchases made online are being considered.

(Once again, I cross posted this on EGL but this is my Community and I want to make sure you all hear it)

I have been seeing on the news and reading various articles in the papers and online that  the USA government is seriously considering implementing state taxes for online purchases. They way they are explaining it you will be required to pay sales taxes of your state even when purchasing from another state or abroad.   Were you usually pay for the state you're buying from I believe now it's that if you purchase something from a place you have to pay "your" states tax.  I thought it'd be a good thing to know for all of you out there making online purchases. These will be state taxes and will only be required from those purchasing from stores, BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, etc; if implemented it will also be put on those running small businesses like Candy Violet.  However those purchasing used items on ELG _Sales will not have to be files because it's not exactly a store.   They are not being clear as to wether or not you will have to file in those taxes at the end of the year with your usual or if they will be put on the sites but as I said the plans are not completed yet.

Because the plans are not fully decided upon, it is unclear exactly how it will work, however I thought it was a good thing to tell you ladies and gentlemen that way you'd at least be aware and able to read up on it yourself.

As of June 1st (For those of you buying Gothic Lolita bibles and other books or items on there) Amazon will begin charging state taxes to those purchasing within New York, charging you the amount of tax that you would have to pay if you were purchasing the items from within your state.

Sorry to post this up before the plans have even been decided upon however it's always good to know what's going to happen or what's about to happen. It leaves people time to prepare and such.

Sources and other info on it,