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Bolero Patterns

Hey ladies, and gentlemen,

I was asked by a friend of mine if I'd ever seen a bolero pattern because she was having some trouble finding some, so I did a bit of research for her...I was thinking I might as well share my finds with all of you too, in case anyone else was having trouble. The first four links are to direct patterns , the three after are pattern names and numbers then the last link is how to draw in the sides and change the fit. Anyways, hope this helps someone.





New Look 6507

Burda Pattern 2573   (Discontinued but might find on EBAY) *Includes Plus Sizes*

Burda Young fashion 8046

http://www.dressmaking.co.nz/images/Newsle3.gif   (How to change the type of fit)

http://eastmanpublishing.com/images2/sacques2.jpg   (And a little picture for you creative ones, it's small but has the different looks you can create.

(I am going to cross post this on EGl too heh)
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