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Ipecac is dangerous....but I still use it...Oh my god that stuff is so foul though...ugh...I mean if I smell anything even like it it makes me gag, it's such a chore to take...and it's expensive after awhile...it's like 1.32 a bottle but one bottle is a little over one does.

I used to think it was like a save all but this one time I used it and I made myself throw up again afterwards and there was still water and sauce in my stomach...it made me so pissy...

I'm saying this because I am so tired of throwing up now....it's hard, and I think my throat is  swollen, I've been choking lately when I am ...how gross is that, choking on vomit...
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Please take care of yourself. As much as you can anyway.

I know it's difficult, but you really don't want to die choking on vomit, do you?
Ew...no...that would....suck for lack of a better word.